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  • Prime3D Laser in Switzerland - Germany - Austria - USA

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Prime3D Laser in Switzerland - Germany - Austria - USA

State-of-the-art technology

For many women and men, depilating the body is an integral part of personal hygiene and well-being. There are many options, but these methods are usually painful and cause inflammation or reddened areas. In addition, the hairs grow back quickly, so that the procedure has to be repeated over and over again. Our device permanently frees you from stubble, redness and ingrown hairs. Our devices proceed with the treatment sensitively and with great care. The treatment with our devices is gentle and particularly gentle on your skin. We offer state-of-the-art technology and much more.

The most powerful hair lasers in the world

Prime 3D diode laser

EGG diode laser

slim lasers

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We offer high performance laser hair removal equipment

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Many happy customers

More than 1000 convinced customers worldwide already trust in the laser devices from BeautyTec Swiss. You too can benefit from the most modern and high-performance laser technology. Arrange a non-binding consultation appointment today .

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The Beauty Tec Swiss laser devices are used in over 1000 beauty salons around the world. With our media package, we support you in marketing the service in all areas:

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3. Reservation system IPL SWISS 6 months
4. Free price structure of your competitors in your 5 km radius
5. Creation of an advertising flyer
6. Printing of 5000 pieces after approval

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