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Laser planning

Laser planning

Which laser do i need? 25/50 or 75 million shot? We help you plan your studio.

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Studio planning

Studio planning

We have ideas and experience from over 2000 cosmetic studios, we are happy to help you with your planning.

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Laser highlights

Laser highlights

The world’s lightest handpiece at 375 g and 25,000,000 million guaranteed deliveries

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Premium Lasers

What makes our lasers so good ?


25 years of experience

25 years of experience in laser technology


We use your experience and improve our lasers.

quality & service

Experience the best quality and perfect service.

Laser Power

Best results for your customers !

The tireless further development, the processing of your information makes our product better every day. The further development of the software, the applications and the treatments make our laser unique.

Hair removal in 4 - 6 treatments 84%
Hair removal in 6 - 7 treatments 10%
Hair removal in 7 - 8 treatments 6%

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Treatments during the day

Cutting-edge technologies for medicine and cosmetics

Alexandrite laser, diode laser,
YAG laser, CO2 laser

We are among the best in the business, and our unique treatment results attest to this.

With our devices we remove more than just unwanted hair. We also offer a revolutionary line of tattoo removal, skin care and anti-aging procedures. We have developed our own methods and devices for targeted weight reduction and muscle building in old age.

Our dedication to researching the leading treatments in this area does not stop us. If you can’t find something that suits your needs, please let us know.

Diode laser – Alexandrite laser – Yag laser with 7 years warranty
Professional permanent hair removal of all hair types Skin I – VI


VIP guarantee

7 year guarantee – Our promise to you – Enjoy the security of a perfect service for your Swiss Star Laser.

Replacement unit

If our service technicians cannot rectify the fault on your device on site, you will receive a replacement device within 48 hours.


Our dedication to researching the leading treatments in this area does not stop us.

10 years of experience

You can rely on 10 years of experience in laser technology. We use the experience for constant improvements.

You can reach us on working days from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.


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8604 Volketswil (ZH)

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